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Scp And Windows 7 (rickroll)

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I'm trying to use SCP to copy the files from a Windows 7 machine to the pineapple, in a SSH session but I constantly get "No such file or directory" messages. The folder is shared with Everyone having FC on both the share and the folder. I've tried admin@172.xx.xx.xx\share\*.*, \\172.xx.xx.xx\share\*.*, 172.xx.xx.xx/share/* and so on... Does anyone have any suggestions besides not using a Windows box?

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try using winSCP, its got a nice gui to it too ;)

Good luck

Yeah I saw that there were gui versions out there but I'm trying to get away from gui and hone my skillz on the command line. Plus that doesn't help me in the future on non-windows boxes. Appreciate the response though! :D

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Well if you actually have scp on your windows box(it's not installed from the factory), the command would be identical from a linux box.

scp files root@

scp -r Folder root@ for folders :)

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