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Brute Force Terminal Services


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Hi All

I have a friend who kinda :lol: forgot his admin passphrare to windows 2008. I can't get in using konboot. I figure that's because this Dell Server uses fake RAID and that's giving konboot some problems. He knows what the passphrase is but has forgotten which letters he capitalized. The passphrase is about 13 characters long. My problem is 1. Is there a word generator that will only toggle the case of the letters but not mix the letters around so I can get a good list from that? and 2. Does Backtrack now have a brute forcing module for terminal services? I figure that's a good option to try but I'm open to suggestions.

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I would suggest you to download, NT Offline password and use it to reset the password.

Rather than trying to crack it or use a word list which could prove infective.

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I recommend what Infiltrator said. But for curiosity sake there are two tools that can do exactly what you were your describing. They are TSgrinder and TScrack. You would have better luck exploiting remote desktop then bruteforcing a password with these tools.

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