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Stream your own PVR to your mobile phone.


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Ok, I've been working on this for a LONG time... and just now got some of the key features in place... I'd like to ask the Hak5 community if they can get me the rest of the way there...

Things you need...

-palm or windows based phone/PDA that has access to Wifi or EVDO. (I'm using the HTC Wizard aka cingular 8125)

-PVR that doesn't DRM... I'm using SageTV with the Web interface (*Opera works with it on the phone... IE doesn't)

-TCPMP I recommend this to EVERYONE with a smartphone/PDA

-a Transcoder that can encode Divx or h.264 down to under 250kbps (haven't found a good one yet... I paid for lathe but it's not being developed very well and I still like Pocket DivX Encoder better...

-Finally a streaming server... I haven't found anything that would stream really well but the best/only thing I've found is pocket Stream server that you have to buy from handango for about $20 I've been trying to use sage's placeshifter but they don't have a mobile client.

with all of these tools working I can essentially watch my recordings on my phone... as long as I do the re encoding and then add it to the streaming server myself... I want this automated... unfortunately many of these tools are guified and don't have friendly command line options...

anyone interested?

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I think it would be a cool thing to see in the sense of "Wow, you can do that these days aswell?".

However I lack the video-capable mobile phone (I'm not a big fan of them, so I only have a crappy one that my employer provides) so this isn't something I can try for myself.

Everything involving MythTV or similar products also pique my interest, primarily because I'm working on setting up a nice media center.

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I've built a MythTV, SageTV, Beyond TV, and a Windows Vista MCE all work to varying degrees..

here's my pros/cons of each

Myth TV


-Free (as in Beer)

-Linux Based

-Active Community

-very customizable

-no DRM

-knoppmyth livecd


-tough learning curve for some devices

-support can be hard to find

-IR blaster support is lacking

Sage TV


-Linux or Windows based

-excellent community support

-customization is encouraged

-good technical support

-great Electronic Program Guide

-good support for Hardware

-no DRM

-place shifting

-commercial detection and removal

-web interface with streaming

-great as a media recorder if you want to watch the content on another device (what I do)


-resource hog

-can be tough installing some of the third party addons

-onscreen gui sucks

Beyond TV


-strong OEM support

-good EPG

-comes with a lot of things out of the box that many others require as addons

-good onscreen gui

-less resource intensive

-good HD support


-free version requires hardware encoding and decoding

-no real community support

-not much customization

-proprietary format (I couldn't figure out how to view the files on any other machine.)




-solid Hardware support

-actively being developed

-very good OTA (over the air) HDTV support

-moderate resource support

-good gui



-dvr-hd container crap

-haven't found a good web interface

thats about it... hope that gets some conversations going... I'm using ADS Instant HDTV for OTA HD and two PVR 150's for standard Def.

Most everything except MCE can be viewed with VLC which is nice.

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