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Mark 4 Problem

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Dude I'm sorry to say you bricked it. We put warnings on the upgrade page for this reason. When PHP calls the sysupgrade function it inherently hangs the web server as this process can't be forked. Had you waited a good 3-5 minutes for the flashing to complete you'd be rocking 1.0.1. Sadly yanking the power during the write process results in a corrupted kernel and/or filesystem. Chances are the device still boots -- but there isn't a complete system there to start up. That's why the lights are blinking. If you had a Serial TTL adapter I'd say jack in with a com program and drop into the bootloader -- I'm 99% sure it's still there -- but it's kind of a chore.

Hit us up at shop@hak5.org and we'll unbrick it for ya.

Really sorry you had this experience. Bricking is never fun and this was my #1 fear in development when it came to the firmware upgrade process. We'll see about getting an onClick javascript alert box warning in the next version to ease the mind when the expected error page pops up.

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