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External/poratable Power For Pineapple

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I've ordered the Mk4 a week ago. Since I live in the Netherlands, I have to way 30 business days until I can finally use it. Meanwhile I was looking for a battery pack. On the Hackshop website I noticed the image of a mk4 hooked up to an New Trend iCruiser IMP1000 11000mAh. So I decided to order it. The IMP1000 came in yesterday and I noticed on the specs sheet that it outputs only 5v 1 amp. In the specs sheet of the mk4 I noticed that it will draw 1,7A for Wifi and 3.5-5.5A with a 3G modem using 5V. Seems I bought the IMP11000 to quick! My question is, did anyone try this combo (with or without a 3g modem / Alfa usb). If so, how long did it last. I'm trying to get all the stuff needed for the mk4 before it arrives.



Image from HakShop:


Mark IV shown with rechargeable battery pack, dual Ethernet and 3G modem

Without the 3g dongle, I have been getting around 16 hours.( On for 3 or 4 hours a day)

I have left it on all day at home, but there wasn't much activity.

I'm sure as the more clients connect, the battery will decrease due to increased load. That's next on my list to test, but I know the battery won't die after only 1 or 2 hours in the wild!

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