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Bt5 On 80 I Pod ?


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My friends, at times i live off my i-pod. I've even put segments of HAK5 video on my pod to help coach my techno play...Then i got to thinking if that the i pod can be used as an external hard drive??? Could i possibly place Bt5 onto my pod or even partition it ,install bt5 then use the reserved space for a bootable start up disk...Just thinking about it just spins my head...I wish i had more techo skill but will learn more as i go to school... Intel then What do ya'll think can it be done or has it all ready been done???? Let me know what ya think...BT5 in a i-pod!!!007 style huh..

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I have tried to do this with other Linux distros. The problem is that the iPod does not like to be used as a boot device. It might be possible to have a boot loader on another device that could chain load a specific partition on the iPod. You could also put a portable virtual machine on the iPod and just run from within another OS. I know the second solution isn't the best for BT, but it would be better than nothing.

You may be able to get it to work on an Intel Mac(PPC Macs can't boot from USB). I have seen a couple of sites that say you can boot a Mac from an iPod but not a PC.

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PPC Macs can boot from usb. I used to keep a copy of os9 installed on a flash drive to fix iMacs.

You might be able to partition the drive and add backtrack, and grub to the new partition. Don't put grub on the drives embryo if you want it to continue being an iPod.

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