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Mk4 Pineapple Detonator Mod

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From the department of devices that won't go through airport security comes my latest mod, the WiFi Pineapple Detonator-inator.


We begin with four 3.7v 3000mAh 18650 batteries in a 2 Parallel 2 Serial configuration.


Soldered the hot line to a SPDT switch and a right-angle 5.5mm OD 2.1mm ID center positive barrel plug.


Cut the case bottom plate to be lower profile and housed inside a split-extruded case.


Safety off switch.


Fire Ze Missles!

With the short antenna inside the metal case I'm only getting about a -54 dB signal from 50 feet. Not great but fine for a small coffee house.

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Fixed it for you. ;)


Barry, that's awesome and needed. It reminded me of Airplane II-

Ted Striker: Which passenger is Joe Solucci?

Testa: 16C. Why?

Ted Striker: He's carrying a bomb.

Testa: A bah—[hands fly up to her mouth to muffle her words]

Striker: No, Not a bah. A bomb.

Maybe there should be a shiny, candy red button that is irresistible to not push. Perhaps a "trojan" version that will randomly select different sites for dns redirects for everyone that is connected wirelessly.

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Omg its so cool x3 I can just imagine the airport security staring

at the x-ray screen, thinking "WTF!" and you explaining the

fact that it can send/receive wifi signal is not going to sooth their

minds a single bit before the whole airport have been screened x3

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I'm gonna put mine in a 1985 walkmanwalkman7_1436163i.jpg

but really, that is awesome. I keep thinking of how to power this thing....

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