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Securing And Optimizing A Dd-wrt Router


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I just started using DD-WRT on a Linksys e1000 v2.1 and while I really like it I've ran into some problems:

1. A scan with Nexpose showed some vulnerabilities, but when I tried implementing the solutions suggested (e.g. enabling password shadowing) it wouldn't take the commands when SSHed into it or at the command line window option. I don't have the full vulnerability report right now but I'm hoping someone is familiar with the problems that usually come up in a vulnerability scan.

Is this a problem that can be solved with different commands or do I just deal with the problems?

Are there any good general practice configurations to use in a home network for DD-WRT?

2. I was using bittorrent last night and I had set up some QOS options that apparently interfered with trackers. I want to be able to throttle my torrents down when using my network for other web applications such as regular internet browsing.

What are my options here?

My first idea is to use a dedicated machine on the DMZ address, allot it a specific amount of bandwidth and keep it up-to-date so no one breaks into it.

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I use torrents a lot and I tend to use the built in option to throttle all my upload/download speeds. That seems more effective than trying to use QOS in DD-WRT.

If you need more details, regarding throttling torrents, read this DD-WRT link

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Thanks, that article has a lot stuff I'm going to try when I get home.

Any good articles or pointers on security? I've done most of the standard security settings through web UI, I'm trying to search the DD-WRT wiki but I'm still having trouble finding any relevant articles.

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