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Testing Unicode Homoglyphs


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You don't necessary have to register the domain name to do it, you could just have the fakeout be part of a subdomain (you just need to control your own DNS).

Not sure if this will get parsed right on the forums:

Unicode URL to give out:

Encoded lable to set up in DNS: 127.0.0.xn--1windowssystem32-um81ghai.irongeek.com

Unicode URL to give out:⁄windows⁄system32⁄.irongeek.com

Encoded lable to set up in DNS: 127.0.0.xn--1windowssystem32-436ihai.irongeek.com

Unicode URL to give out:∕windows∕system32∕.irongeek.com

Encoded lable to set up in DNS: 127.0.0.xn--1windowssystem32-zk3jhai.irongeek.com

Unicode URL to give out:̸windows̸system32̸.irongeek.com

Encoded lable to set up in DNS: 127.0.0.xn--1windowSsystem32-dxjhi.irongeek.com

and even if it did, notice what the url bar shows you. It seems Web Browsers have mostly gotten wise to it, so I'm looking for other applications like usernames.


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Just to break the trust model by looking like someone I am not. Most system only let one user have a given use name, which was why I tried to set up an account here that would look like Daren's. I need to try it with email systems.

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I wonder if it would be possible to edit your "Member Title" to say something like admin or global mod. I'll check it out when I get home.

Yeah I don't think that would be possible though, unless there is a bug in the forums software, only the forum administrators can change your "Member title", to administrators or moderators.

Nice try though.

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Not sure what you mean by only works with DNS. Granted, it has limited uses I suppose. I don't see an option for setting your own member title, so can't test that. I does seem the system only lets one person use a given display name. The forum would not let me use "Morfir" since it was take by you, but it would let me use "Μorfir".

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Actually you can change your member title to Moderator or Forum Admin or whatever... But that doesnt help you. You need to be able to edit groups not member title. My bad.

Yeah you can only change your member title, not your group status.

Changing your member title is not hard at all, you need to go into your account settings and then profile. In the profile session, there should be a field called change member title or something similar.

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