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Quicky How-to Tcpdump On Markiv


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Another easy mode guide.

Get a EXT4 formatted usb stick (see my other post on how to accomplish this).

Plug it into pineapple and fire it up with ICS and karma on and everything

SSH into pineapple

lsusb and make sure your stick is there - you can also verify with a little df -h

cd /usb to get into that dir

opkg update

opkg install --dest usb tcpdump

That will install tcpdump onto your usb stick (which is fine, as the only time you'll be running it is when you have the storage capacity to handle the bigass cap files).

Then whilst still in the /usb dir run this:

tcpdump -i eth0 -w test.pcap -n net

That will capture any packets where the source or destination network is is in the pineappley range, thereby grabbing all your karma'd victims packets. It will display IP addresses and port numbers.

Theres a million and one ways to use tcpdump, this is just one basic example. Google for best results per your particular situation (size, how long you want to be capping, what info you're looking for, etc).



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