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Interceptor Features Roadmap?


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I know I've been bombarding this forums (we all kinda have and its awesome really) the last day with questions and comments and noobery relating to the MarkIV. Heres one more. Where on the roadmap for pineapple development is interceptor-related features? I plan on trying it myself today and will (of course:) post my results on this thread. I'm sure you guys (Seb, Darren) have other features that rank higher on the list than interceptor stuff...after all, it is a WIFI pineapple not a WIRED pineapple. But that would really complete the feature set in my mind :) And go especially well with your power-meter fake box. I can see you putting it right next to the cable box and splicing into the ethernet right there :) That way you're serving up karma, intercepting everything wired going out and in of the house, and tcpdumping it all to an appropriately enormous usb thumbdrive!

Anyone else been experimenting with the pineapple as an interceptor?

Time to go watch those old network monkey videos...



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It is something we have on our todo list and I have started looking at it a while back.

I think after we get 1.0.1 out and the firmware is released you can expect big features such as the interceptor.



You da man Seb! Exactly what I wanted to know :) Thanks very much


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It is something I've got in mind with an idea for a really cool interface which would let you configure a device in a way where you could bridge or intercept any interface. Not found anyone who could build the interface yet though.

Any really good javascript/graphics designers out there?

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