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Ot (sorta) Mc760 Qs


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I grabbed a Virgin Mobile MC760 USB 3G modem. (for some fun excursions)

EDIT: ====================================

Nevermind. Found switching to Sprint/PCS fixed the issue.

But New Q, any external antennas for the port on the side?


I'm having a bugger of a time getting it to run under Mac OSX 10.6.8. (Snow Leopard)

I got as far as it will connect with an IP, but no coms (I'd think it would route me the Virgin website to load up my account, no?)

I can self ping the IP on the Mac, but not from the outside.

* The Broadband2Go app in Applications just bounces on the dock then fails (haven't looked at the console yet)

* I have activated the modem on the Virgin website and account is active. (though empty balance; have cards sitting here)

So fast forward to the MK4, since the device is active, will the MK4 use it? Or do I need to get it rolling on a 'real' computer first?

I *really* don't want to boot win XP just to get things rolling.

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