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Recommendations: Portable Handheld Linux Device?


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Anyone have any recommendations for a portable handheld (around pocket size) device that I can install Linux (BackTrack5) on that has built in:


WIFI (promiscuous mode capable)

Built in keyboard

Prefer a non cell phone unit.

Any ideas?

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Nada, but you can try using USB dongles on the RaspberryPi with a smaller form of linux and Aircrack suite on it. Not sure if BT will run on the PI.

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I saw a guy on YouTube using a Nokia N900 Smartphone to scan for WIFI and Bluetooth via Linux I believe. Do you have any opinions on this unit? And I am wondering if I would be able to operate the Linux or OS on this phone without having service to it.

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I own an N900 and yes it supports most of the tools such as Ettercap, DSniff, Aircrack-ng, SET, Metasploit, Can be a rogue AP, mdk3 and sslstrip. Im in love with it.. its possible to run BackTrack on it through localvnc. I tried it but did really play with it. It also has support for other misc. tools such as Scapy, GrimWEPA, nmap, wireshark,kismet and TCP dump.

A suggestion from it is to flash it to the pwnphone image;

Pwnphone Manual

Pwnphone Homepage


Installation Insturctions

PS. No one will ever notice you with it, I managed to grab some facebook credentials from my school network using this phone :)

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I have backtrack running on my droid razr, most phones, if any besides the n900 support monitor mode, but I can run metasploit at least, and do some MITM stuff, but theres plenty of apps for that, I'll give you a list of some of them that are on my phone.

Anti (I have gold) probably my favorite app, supports MITM, browser pwn, some basic exploits for xp, nmap, hydra, local dos attacks - available at zimperium.com/anti.html

shark/shark reader, basic wireshark - on the market

wigle wifi and wigle bluetooth - basically kismet -- available on the market

network spoofer, tons of MITM attacks, flip images, change images, redirect -- on market

droidsheep, like firesheep, collects login cookies -- available at droidsheep.de

backtrack installer, install backtrack, ssh into it, and vnc into it locally (vnc doesn't work for me, nor do i need it, i prefer ssh on a small screen, alot of tools aren't there, but you have metasploit, and SET, and some others, not really any wireless tools -- on market

and thats basically my mobile hack kit on my phone, I like to use my built in wifi hotspot, and name it like another around me (does a half assed pineapple attack) and start capturing packets with shark, or droid sheep. Theres ways to unlock the wifi hotspot, but I'm not going to go into that or into rooting a phone, as its different for almost all of them.

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