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Did Anyone Get A Raspberry Pi?


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I finally got an email from element14 to buy one..

So, bought two. I know I won't get them til May-ish. But I've been following this project for at least a year or so and cannot wait to get hacking on it.

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Yeah I've seen some on US ebay for anywhere between $100-$200 and they still have a few days left on the auction.

It's absurd.

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I'm still waiting on my email. I actually misspoke about how long it had been in my previous post. I forgot that I had already registered once before a looooong time ago, and then forgot, and then registered again like a month or more ago. I still have not got the first email.

I've been keeping up with the foundations blog, and this is seriously starting to feel like another CherryPal fiasco all over again. If I don't get my email within the next 6 or 8 weeks, I will probably just give up on the idea that I will ever get one for less than $150, in which case, I will not be buying one.

It's pretty strange how everytime something, similar to Raspberry Pi, that seems too good to be true comes around, there is this ambiguous release and ship date, and no one can ever really confirm waether or not the date is actually genuine, and the product ends up costing twice it's promised price, and once the ship date comes and goes, no one can really prove that they are actually shipping more than a few review units.

I'm not saying that's the case with the Raspberry Pi 2 but it sorta seems to be shaping up that way to me. I know that it's a non profit group of enthusiasts with limited resources who have created the RPi project, so I guess I can understand why it's going down this way but I still think they should have enough of the things ready in their hands to immediately meet at least 20% or 30% of initial release demand. It just doesn't help anyone when they go saying it's gonna be this long if this and this happens and this doesnt happen, but if those things do and don't happen it may or may not add 43 more days to the ship date for the initial 12% of registrars. Alternately it may be this long, provided that the second suppliers trucking company gets approval from the department of transportation blah blah blah blah. I know I'm exagerating but I just don't understand why they choose handle these matters with this type of vague ambiguous conduct.

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They seem neat. Personally I like my Pandaboard quite a bit. I know it's much more expensive. But still very interesting. Ubuntu runs very smooth on it.

I'm not all that familiar with the Pandaboard. I think you may have spoke too soon about the Raspberry Pi 2 being much more expensive, because the original 35 dollars price for the RPi 2 is pretty much out the window scrapped at this point. They have this complicated spreadsheet table for pricing, which figures in location for shipping and taxes and fees or something and the cheapest real life in your hands price seems to be substantially more than $35 dollars, more like about $45 if you are lucky.

Then there's the fact that the RPi 2 doesnt come with a wifi or bluetooth adapter, a storage disk for your OS, or a power supply, so there's a minimum of what about 30 or 35 dollars more you have to spend. Then if you are using a USB mouse and keyboard instead of bluetooth and want a free USB port for storing sessions or data or whatever, you will need a hub, so theres 10 more dollars. Then you will need a dedicated HDMI cable unless you want to swap back and forth from your Bluray player or PC, so there's another 10 dollars. They are supposed to offer bundle packs that include the Disk, Wireless radios adapter, power supply, and mouse/keyboard, but the last I checked they are only offering the board itself for sale, so you will have to buy the other stuff seperately, at full retail price more than likely.

I bet the Pandaboard actually ends up competitive with the Raspberry Pi 2.

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Possibly. The Pandaboard does come standard with wifi/bluetooth/2xusb/ethernet/sdcard slot/hdmi/vga/etc... But you still need an sdcard/keyboard/mouse/vga or hdmi cable/etc..

I think my total came out to around $200. But for what I wanted it was perfect. Small and powerful.

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