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A question about Ophcrack 2.3


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The ISO is the Ophcrack live CD, and on that very page you link to they say pretty close to the top:

The Ophcrack LiveCD is a bootable Linux CD-ROM containing ophcrack 2.3 and a set of tables (SSTIC04-10k).

I'm guessing that if you wanted bigger/better/other tables, you'd have to download the ISO, mount it in some way (OS-dependant. Not particularly challenging) and just replace whatever you feel needs replacing.

My guess is they already went with the biggest table that they could fit on the ISO. Also, they provide the following further down the page on this exact topic:

* SSTIC04-5k is a large one (720MB) for machines having atleast 500M of RAM.

* SSTIC04-10k is a smaller table set (388MB) for machines having less than 500M of RAM.

So, the bigger table set won't fit a regular CD (DVD will still work, but may require additional work to get bootable. I'm not familiar with the process. Better try with a DVD-RW first) and requires a lot of client-side memory. I don't know what happens when you lack this required amount of memory, but chances are it will simply die.

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