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Airodump-ng Channel Handling Problem


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I'm having trouble with getting airodump-ng to work on the right channel. No matter what channel I set it too, it always says the fixed channel is -1. I'm using the ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036H and have successfully cracked WEP several times but can't ever get a 4-way handshake when trying to crack WPA/WPA2. I assume it has to do with this channel handling problem. I've searched just about everywhere for solutions to this problem but still haven't solved it. I made sure there were no processes using wlan1 but no matter what I do I just can't get airodump-ng to work on the channel I want it to. Any solutions?

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The -1 error sadly has a bunch of different causes, it could be other wireless processes interfering or a driver issue, I've seen fixes for both versions of that problem. I had that problem myself with Ubuntu, and the newest version fixed it for me. Some of the tools in the aircrack-ng suite have an 'Ignore negative one' option, maybe you could try that...

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Yeah, I tried the --ignore-negative-one command but I still had trouble getting a WPA handshake. By the way, the wifi card works perfect on BT5, so it must be something wrong in Ubuntu that's messing up getting the handshake.

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