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How/Where do you watch your hak5 episode ?


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I've seen all the episodes in my cute and small home cinema theatre, i got my own projector (can't remember the name) and the logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround stereo :D

I also play Oblivion and do some programming there ;)

Maybe I'll post some pictures when i get home

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Depends on the situation, If I am on IRC for the release, I'll dl it when its released and watch it on my PC. But when I want to watch to later or (god forbid) I miss the release, I watch it on my (family's) 61" wide screen TV (1080i) using my media server... fun times.

I only wish that hak5 could record in high def, but its expensive, and its ok as it is.

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I did this during lunch one time

They were explaining packet overflow and the deputy came in... i got into trouble for it

Hmm, can they do anything about that? It's not illegal to know things, but it may be illegal to use them ;)

Anyways, if I watch them at work nobody can do anything to me, actually i think my boss would watch it with me

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