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Bt5 On Arm Netbook?


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I never booted a WOLVOL netbooks so I'm kind of interested on what it has for BIOS options. It should be able to run BT5R1 live via a bootable usb device. The 256mb RAM is my only concern about running it live. If you plan to install it you will need a netbook with at least an 8GB storage device. Backtrack 5 takes over 6GB of space when installed. I installed it on an ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf (upgaded to 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD). That specific netbook should easily be able to run older versions of Backtack.

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you have to remember that using a smaller computer limits the speed at wich some applications run. I have bt5 running on a netbook and i have some programs that will just bring the netbook to a halt. Also some GUI programs wont fit on the screen so the is no way to view the bottom of the GUI program or use it through the GUI. Also after looking at the specs it only has a 4g drive on it. and 256 ram. so i donthing it would work.

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