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Borland Sidekick 1.5 Access?


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Good day folks, I'm hoping for some help with the following:

I have an old computer DOS based (386) that runs Sidekick but I have no user name or password (former user has long since passed on and computer has sat unused for 2+ years). I have copied the entire contents of the drive (all 32 mb)and can access the data required through notepad and excel however, it is not in it's original format which makes reading it a bit of a challenge. Having complete access to the directories, is there a way find out user name and\or passwords so I can access said data in the original SK program?

I have Googled and info on Borland SK is rare and password recovery links all point towards Windows, RAR etc. To be blunt, I am a total noob at this and other than having used Ophcrack when repairing computers, I am totally unfamiliar with this. I am more than willing to RTFM but I'm not sure what manual I should be reading.

Thanks in advance.

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