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How To Decrypt Analog Radio Signals?


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Hi digininja,

I'am not sure what i want/need :)

I got an old United UBC92XLT amateur radio scanner, and i got some static noise on one of the frequence i have set it up on.

In my understanding:

Static noise = Decrypted analog signals

Gibberish noice = Decrypted digital signals

Is this correct?

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I would have thought it was a lot more complicated than that. It would be like me giving you a string of binary and asking you to work out what it was, you'd need to do analysis, guesses and then you may or may not be able to decipher it. With wifi you'd need hardware and/or software to demodulate it as well before you start to decipher what is encoded in the transmission.

If you are just in it for curiosity then the USRP is out

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The problem is you don't know if you need a key or password to decrypt it, you don't even know if it is encrypted.

If i can't hear what's being said, then the transmission must be encrypted? Or am i missing something?

I'am a nob when it comes to radio signals, so could you or somebody answer these questions:

1. Is it even possible to hear digital radio transmissions on a analog radio scanner?

2. If i can hear static noice transmissions on my analog scanner, is this a encrypted analog transmission?

3. If i can hear gibberish (i can hear it's people taliking, but the words are messed up) noice transmissions on my analog scanner, is this a encrypted digital transmission?

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I know nothing about radio so someone else can probably point you at some resources to look at but I would answer your questions:

is it encrypted? not necessarily, it could just be encoded, there is a huge difference

1. I would have thought the difference is what it could decode so an analogue scanner would just decode digital wrong

2. no, it could just be static noise

3. if you can hear people talking then it isn't encrypted, or if it is then it is very bad encryption.

I think you need to learn the difference between encoding and encryption, analogue and digital transmissions and the multiple layers of the stack you are looking at. Very basic example, you have to first decode the radio transmission to get data then decode the data to get the actual content.

Decoding may entail decryption but not necessarily

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