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[tut] Mounting Isos To Non-u3 Devices


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Things you'll need:


MagicISO or other iso maker

A usb.

1) Create the iso with the software of your choice. MagicISO free has a 300 mb limit, but you should be fine. If not, download a different program.

2) Open your files in MagicIso and add them to the top right window.

3) Find the save button and convert to iso.

4) Plug in your USB, open UFDUtility

5) If UFDUtility says "plugin not found", look at the bottom for the alternate solution. However, it should work for most non-u3 USBs.

6) Click "Autorun Manager" (it looks like an open cd tray).

7) At the bottom, look at "ISO file". Choose a file, then click "Burn".

8) Eject your USB, and you should have a CD partition.

9) To remove, simply go back to "Autorun Manager" and click "Restore Default Setting"

If UFD didn't work:

You'll need:


1) Open USBDeview, find your usb's VID and PID.

2) On this page, search for the VID and PIDs.

3) In the last column, there may be a utility. If there is, go to this page and search for the name.

4) Google translate may help, as it's in Russian, but works.

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ty for the tut...but i have problems with that, perhaps you can help me?

step 1 and 2 are clear, i got many results shown with the VID_090C & PID_1000...i tried some utilities that i found in the last column, but i dont know which utility is the right one, until now no tool worked...because the list that i got after step 2 is sorted after the manufacturer or model but my stick has no manufacturer or model...can u help me, what do i have to do?

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