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Static Status Page? (web Ui)


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I got some time over and picked up my Pinepple MkII

and flashed it with the latest firmware (2.1.2/WebUI 1.0.4).

Hooked it up to a win7-laptop and started serving free

internet. In a closed lab environment. Clients are happy.

However, the WebUI doesn't fully satisfy me. The Status-page

seems to be quite bugged and not "live". The connected client

shown below ARP Log connected yesterday. And the two clients

that are connected now are not displayed.

I have all services enabled except for autostart and dnsspoof.

I have two active and happily surfing clients connected. (Verified


I have a "static" status-page showing old/no information.

Executing cmds works fine ("Advanced") and I can see that

ngrep.log and urlsnarf.log are filled up.


1. Static Status-page - according to spec?

2. ..and how do I ssh in to pineapple in mk3? (using putty,

no luck - timeout, need to enable ssh? How?)

Thanks in advance!


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First of all, I see you are using Internet Explorer (the fuck? :) )

Try using a different browser, I know that some people have had trouble using it.

The status page is not 100% live, it has max 10s delay.

You can reach the pineapple through ssh at root@

Let me know if you are still having trouble.



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Started with a fresh win7-image so no change to a better browser was made.

Sorry about that :rolleyes:

Regarding not possible to ssh into pineapple. I was probably drunk.

Works now (*hint* use correct ip)

Running a browser that smells of oil and burnt whale flesh the UI works

much smoother. Lesson learned.

Sebkinne & Darren, thank you for your patience and helpfulness.

Much appreciated.

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