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I Would Like To Know How To Change My Ip And Mac Addresses To Stay Anonymous.


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With all these internet monitoring laws that the government is coming up with. I need to know how to browse and download in complete anonymity.

I am new to Hak5 and I am starting to learn Linux but I still use Windows 7 as my main OS for now.

I have a netbook which I run windows 7 on. I switch between an internal and external Wifi adapters.

I would like to know how to change my Ip and mac addresses in Windows 7.

Since I download I do not want to use the Tor network because when I have used it. it was slow.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post.

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Using public wifi + mac address + tor is about as anon as you can get.

Mac spoofing:





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I wouldn't worry about changing the MAC address, unless you are connected to an access point that doesn't belong to you.

Then I would change it, as well as the Netbios name of your computer, to something that doesn't relate to you.

Changing your IP address is easy, you could use TOR but but it can be painfully slow, so if you plan on downloading something large, it would take you a very long time.

For normal browsing it should be fine. Another important thing to consider is that, you can never remain 100% anonymous on the internet, no matter what you do it can still be traced back to you.

So in another words, "Anonymity" is dead.

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Linux, run macchanger, windows, use a wireless USB adapter and under the NIC settings, they usually give you the option to change them manually. Internal cards do sometimes, but most of the time not optional to change without 3rd party program or messing with the registry.

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Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. It is nice to know I am better off than I thought.

You could look into VPN. Downloading and browsing through an good VPN would not bottleneck your internet speed a lot. You will probably get almost the same speed. But then again if the VPN service provider is logging your traffic. They can track you.

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