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Version 0.5, "electric Catfish", Of The Simple Phishing Toolkit (spt) Released


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Version 0.5 of the open source phishing education tool "spt" (Simple Phishing Toolkit) was released today. Notable features and improvements in this version include:

  • Improved installation routine, with environmental checks for the most common installation problems.
  • Improved campaign metrics and reporting, including export to CSV functionality.
  • The editor module is now a core spt module and is installed with the spt.
  • Improved target management including flexible support for an unlimited amount of custom target attributes.
  • Target template download replaced with target export (and then import via Add many function).
  • Improved template scraping process including options to personalize emails with target first and last name, and basic HTML support in the email message body.
  • The entire spt source code has been cleaned and consolidated to eliminate tons of errors of duplicated code.
  • Helpful links in the sidebar now get you straight to the sptoolkit.com site for documentation and support.
  • Usability improvements in navigation within the dashboard.

You can track all current, past, and future planned, changes on the spt project site on the "Change Log" tab of the Download page at http://www.sptoolkit.com/download/.'>http://www.sptoolkit.com/download/.

If the project sounds interesting to you, please consider taking a look at it by downloading and testing it your environment. (We opted to remove the online demo of the spt after receiving some complaints from sites that were used to highlight the incredible effectiveness and ease of use of our site scraper). We always welcome all feedback and ideas as we continue to develop the project. Please feel free to contact us via replies to this thread, or via the contact form on the project web site.



- The spt project

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