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All In One Phisher Idea


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So there are several sites that let you sing in to their website using you twitter account, face book ...ect

If some one on here can create a landing page similar to att_wifi' and post on it you can sign in using these accounts.

Sign in using:

[] Twitter

[] Facebook

[] Gmail

[] Hotmail or live

[] Yahoo

[] Aol


so they have to check a box (so we would know witch one they were using)

then redirect them to an Error page that say's we could not validate you account or something and ask them to try a different account.

This would not only save space on the pineapple but alleviate a lot of the headaches.

Also it would be nice if people shared (and had a place to share their www files)

So i ask you all if this is a good idea and if anyone wants to take on this project because i have no idea in what i am doing in php or html lol.

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Yeah i had an idea that was sort of the same, where i made a 'hub page' for some imaginary ISP, then the user chooses from popular sites, facebook, twitter etc. and simply gets linked to the phished page they clicked on.

Did u complete it and have u posted it?

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