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Backtrack Metasploit: No Session Cerated


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Hi there,

I am using Backtrack 5 on VmWare. Using network configuration as Bridged. Backtrack ip is

My host OS is winsows xp sp3 ip

both machines can ping each other. Win XP is physically install on my system and using Backtrack as guest OS in VM ware

when i exploit the windows vulnerability of remote code execution i.e ms07_067_netapi i face following problem

Automatically detecting the target...

Fingerprint: Windows XP - Service Pack 3

Selected Target: Windows XP SP3

Attempting to trigger the vulnerability...

Exploit completed, but no session was created.

Thanks in advance .........

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Sounds like you never selected a payload, being that the exploit made it to the target but you were unable to get a sesson because no payload was uploaded. check out this site and watch some video's.


You'll most likely find your problem in one of the first 3 video's

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No session created will usually mean that the box you are trying to exploit, is not vulnerable to the exploit you are using. Try using a different exploit. Also do a show option and make sure you got all the options set correctly.

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Not exactly an expert, but I remember a similar topic started over in /securti. Check to make sure you have your router set to allow port_forwarding to the port you have set under your options for the exploit on the target box. Not sure if it'll be any help though.

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