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Pineapple Multi-channel Monitoring?


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Have been reading much code and experimenting and have just realised - does the pineapple only work on one channel? If so, and I'll bet this has been asked before (no results with search...) is there a way to make it switch between channels, so that more clients have a chance of being deauthed and sniffed?

Edit: flipping auto correct - the sub title of this post was supposed to be "derp derp", not deep deep. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Unless a client has been hardcoded to only talk to an AP on a specific channel then it probes over all channels and listens for beacons on all till it gets what it wants so us being on a single channel is fine. Anyone who is clever enough to hardcode the channel to ESSID should not be falling for this type of attack.

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