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Wifi Pineapple Web Ui Gone Crazy


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My pineapple's UI, flashed just now, goes extremely crazy sometimes, in that every time the front Status page refreshes, it appends some of the text boxes from the Config page (namely the ngrep settings) to the bottom of the status page. This makes for an extremely messy and slow pineapple, and I'm just not sure in general if its functioning correctly.

Have tried clearing pineapple cache, clearing browser cache, rebooting pineapple, and even factory resetting the pineapple. Having thought I bricked my AP51 after factory resetting, I had to re-flash the firmware again (is that normal, to have to reflash after a factory reset?!)

I would post a screenshot, but the machine that the pineapple is on can't get online (am providing internet access to pineapple via LAN)

Any tips?


PS: Tried in Firefox and Chrome - both same results.

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Had another go on a box at home and same results. Sadly the host machine isn't up to recording video, but these screens should hopefully give you the gist of what's going on. I don't know if this is coincidence, but this seems to happen after uncommenting the ngrep password capturing line. Have seen some posts mentioning a bug in ngrep, but not sure if that applies to this version of the pineapple firmware?




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Did you find a fix for this Whistle Master? Glad to know I'm not on my own

Have either of you tried a different flavor browser?

I can see OP is using Chrome.

I've not had this issue with Firefox (or on the rare occasion I've fired it up, IE) on any version of the firmware.

Install Firefox and see if that doesn't clear things up.

I'd bet money it's a Chrome issue, but then again, I've been known to lose a few bets. :)

Worth a shot. Good luck fellas.

ETA: didn't notice the additional shots of FF....I'm out of ideas. :( Sorry.

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