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Synchronizing folders on servers


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Looking for a suggestion for work. We have three campus locations, and thus, three servers. On each server there is a shared folder for all employees to access things such as forms, policies and templates.

We're trying to set things up so that the main server, Server A, is the one that everyone uses, regardless of their campus location. We'd like to keep the shares on servers B and C in synch as a fallback for those locations in the event the VPN goes down. This means that we'd 1) Need to synch those remote shares frequently enough to keep things accurate, and 2) If the VPN goes down and those shares are updated, their updated contents are copied back to the main share.

Since my employer is a non-profit and we strictly adhere to licensing, I was thinking of looking at Microsoft's SyncToy to do this. (I use SyncToy at home, but haven't ready the license for business-use terms.)

Anyone have any other suggestions for this scenario?

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I'd rather have him use XXCopy or Robocopy

Both developed by microsoft and an extended development of the Copy>XCopy


You can schedule a batch script to run every however many seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc...

I've used Synctoy too but not sure on the license agreement on that. I definitely know that XXCopy and Robocopy are fine.

I've also used Cobian Backup, free utility, can backup to FTP too.


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