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Secure Deletion Of Files Paths


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Snubs did a segment on secure deletion software a while back. It's all well and good, however I've noticed that after say doing a Gutmann Method erase, the files are unrecoverably which is all good, but the original file paths are still there, which is basically like saying "Yes the data was here all along".

Is it at all possible to delete the original file paths also?

Cheers Cali

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wipe can do this.

$ mkdir -p /tmp/test/sub1/sub2/ILLEGAL
$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=!$/illegal_file.bin bs=1M count=1
$ wipe -r /tmp/test
1 file wiped and 0 special files ignored in 4 directories, 0 symlinks removed but not followed, 0 errors occured.
$ ls -l /tmp/test
ls: cannot access /tmp/test: No such file or directory

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