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How To: Disable Ip Logging For A Ubuntu Server


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Good Evenin'...

Caveat: I realize that this practice may be "un-safe" because you won't have a record for auditing your server incase of a breach

However, I have a few reasons for why I'd like to do this. An example of an e-mail/VPN provider who currently offers these (potential) advantages (riseup.net)

For setting up Debian (Ubuntu) based VPS server's can anyone provide expertise on how to anonymize SSH, or how to 'do-not-track' who comes and goes on the server, from which ever services may be logging this type of information (SSH, logrotate, etc). ex) no log files, no ip logging, etc

ex) if I run a command like 'who -H' it will list the users and their IP addresses connected to the box and store the list of whose come and gone; also when logging in, it shows from what IP the last user logged in

Any other expertise you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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