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Centralize All Your Files With A Nas


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since i got a new desktop pc my older pc just sits and collects dust

ive been thinking of making it to where i can access my video files threw it on my win7 pc and xbox one


3) Centralize all your Files with a NAS. Your old computer may be too slow to do anything of value, but it is probably more than capable of functioning as a File Server. There are many good free and open source NAS systems that are relatively easy to install such as FreeNAS and OpenFiler.
would that do the trick

and would i need a 2nd monitor or is there a way i can view what's happening and going on

on the older pc threw my win7 pc

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If you go the freenas route, you only need the monitor for the initial setup, after that it's all web based.

I'd also go with Freenas as well as configured with RAID 5 for good read performance and faulty tolerance.

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thanks ill give freenas a try

will it be able to stream to a modded xbox one?

I haven't tried doing this before, but I don't know if Xbox has a network setting where you can connect it to a NAS or server. You will need to check it out.

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