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Hosted Computers For Voip


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My company is expanding and implementing call center agents from home using softphones and a company issued computer (for now) for them to use. We are brainstorming ways to keep the problems at a minimal and this is one idea we came up with. Having a fiber line installed for the agents and management still in the building, but hosting VMs or terminals of some kind at the office too. The home agents could then connect to these, and have the clear phones with no problems. Our test case had a few problems with call clarity and we are still working through that, she has a 25 down, 4 up connection. So my main question is if the call is received by the server at the office with the nice fiber connection, then after that it's decoded and sent to the agent computer, then the same reversed.

I've read some about VOIP and VPNs to encrypt data, but we aren't that concerned with call security right now, but more concerned with call quality and ease to deploy home agents. So does anyone have ideas for this type of thing? From my research, I've deemed that it's not common to do something like this, and I can't even find any info on it.


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