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[Version 1] Simple Teensy Scripting Language


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Simple Teensy Scripting Language

Hey ,

I'm new to these forums, I discovered Hak5 a while ago and have watched every single episode in order from start to last year (still a couple more to go).

I haven't really had any interest or need to really post on these forums until now .

I've read about programmable HID devices and heard them from HAK5 and Irongeek.

I took the iron geek approach as it was a cheaper option and I wanted to learn more about electronics in general.

I’ve been playing around for this device for a couple of weeks now , but I started to notice the limitation on the Teensy memory 32kb is really small .My memory started to full up pretty quickly with all the strings stored for console commands .I met this limitation when I was creating a script to disable Anti-Virus products that may be installed on the machine. At the rate I was going I was not going to be able to store anything above 8 functions from my 8 dipswitch.

How could I solve this problem?

I had the SD adaptor on my teensy device with an 8GB SD that wasn’t even being used that much, only for binary payloads. 8GB of space!!!.

Than an idea came to my head ,what if I stored my strings on my SD card , What if I store my payload instructions on my sd card .

I knew what I had to do , make a translator for my teensy device that can take commands on my sd and execute them .

I started coding and the translator now works ok.

The language I used is very similar to the rubber ducky scripting language so I cannot take credit for that.

I am not trying to make a rubber ducky clone , I think it is a great product , but I will prefer the teensy over the

rubber ducky as it is more personally and customizable. The Rubber ducky is a great product for people who have trouble with programming or want an easier solution.

I do have something more planned but this is the first piece in the puzzle. It would be a bit of a waste for me just using the code for myself. I would be glad to release it,make some documentation and tidy it up a bit .I just want to know if anyone is interested.

It’s really simple to use all is needed is a SD card adaptor for teensy and a sd card of course.

The code reads from a simple text file on the SD card .

Here are some commands:

STRING [text]; - prints text and press enter.

TYPE [text]; - prints text

WINRUN [command]; pops up a windows run prompt and runs command

WINMENU [letter of menu]; - navigates menu bar with keyboard

WINDESKTOP; - Shows desktop

DELAY [millisecs]; - Delay script for a certain number of milliseconds

LED [1 or 0]; - Turns Teensy led on and off

ON [pin]; - writes/turns on pin

OFF [pin]; - writes/turns off pin

[key] [repeat]; - press a key eg Enter,Tab ,ESC .. repeat number of times

Example script - Adds user and disables firewall.

LED 1;
DELAY 1000;
DELAY 500;
WINRUN cmd /c net user hacker /add;
DELAY 1000;
WINRUN cmd /c netsh firewall set opmode mode = disable;
LED 0;

These are just commands I have written , I plan to include alot more ,For example combo keys and other OS commands .

You'll notice there is a ; at the end of each line . This could be removed but was easier for me when I started.

The code I have written so far works but I think the performance and the memory it takes up can be improved on ,

but at the moment I am just making it work .I am most comfortable with Visual Basic .Net and use to a more friendly ide and language

but I'm starting to grasp it now .

Please tell me what you think and whether you are interested .


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Very interested, had kind of given up on the Duck before the latest turn around so now also have a couple of each, Teensy, Teensy++ and SD card adaptors

Would be great to get the code from you and maybe help with further dev.

Please reply


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Simple Teensy Scripting Language

Please tell me what you think and whether you are interested .



Still hoping for a response would love to see your work as I am working on something which needs this functionality and it would be great to see what you have done


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