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Vmware Esxi Hypervisor Question


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Quick question, i have an old IBM xseries 226 server with dual xeon cpu's.

Unfortunately when i went to install 2008 r2 it failed, giving a mismatched cpu error.

Seems as though the cpu's revision do not match.

So i've been running 2003 server since...no problem with this.

I have been thinking of migrating physical to virtual and using vmware esxi hypervisor which requires a 64bit environment.

The xeon's support x64.

What I wanted to know is whether the same cpu mismatch issues would occur if I install esxi.

I just want to save some time and effort; if it won't work I'm not that worried.

Anyone out there know at all?

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A mismatch type will usually occur when both CPUs are operating under different voltages. I'd check to see if there are any BIOS updates, as well as try to manually alter the voltage settings in the BIOS.

If you can't alter, do a trial and error by installing Vmware and see if that fails.

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thanks for the response, i decided to keep the ibm on 2003 server and keep using my core2duo for vm via promox.

ive been thinking about saving for a hp microserver.

they come with the proliant server support warranty which is pretty much an "enterprise" warranty in which they actually come to your house to replace any faulty parts for you!!!

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With respects, wouldn't Dell servers be a lot cheaper than the HP's servers?

In addition, Dell also provides on site support, even after hours.

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