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Bt5r1 Locks Up On Airmon-ng Command

Madd Maxx

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I'm trying to run BackTrack 5 R1 on my HP laptop (DV7 series), but it won't get beyond searching for wireless adapters. I have an RTL8187 USB adapter plugged in and it identfies and displays it correctly, but when it attempts to identify the laptop's built-in adapter (Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030), it freezes. No error message - just a blinking cursor. I have used the same 8187 adapter and BT5 DVD on other systems and both work correctly. It just doesn't work on the one I need it to work on. I haven't tried removing the built-in adapter yet. I'd rather not open up the system if I don't have to. The tiny plastic tabs on the rear cover are easily brioken, as I discovered when I installed a second hard drive. Any suggestions on how to fix this this? Thanks.

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I had this issue before with a blinking cursor. Eventually it would boot (4 minutes or so of blinking cursor), and I found it was related to me having a USB Mouse plugged in. I think the usb ports on the side are a hub and it confuses the boot or something. Try plugging in your USB device afterwards.

Also try and disable your internal card (if there is a switch). Chances are that no driver currently exists for that internal card.

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Just to clarify, there is no boot issue. It boots fully into BT5 and I can open windows and issue commands. I also tried turning off the wireless function with the appropriate function key and nothing changed. It found the 8187 USB adapter and then hung with the blinking curser. However, when I hit ctrl-c to end the process, I was then able to put the 8187 in monitor mode and continue with other mon0 commands. So I have a workaround until I figure out what's wrong.

Thanks for your input Mr-P.

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Thanks digip, that worked fine, and the Centrino Wireless-N 1030 Rev 34 card is supported in BT5R1.

As a side note - while I was playing with the ctrl-c routine to get my laptop to work with the 8187 USB card, I went back and retried airmon-ng and this time it saw the Centrino card and worked with it. But that only happened once, so I guess the current drivers are not quite ready for prime time with the Intel card.

Thanks again for your help.

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