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Is Karma Useless Now?

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i just got my my ap51 flashed with the newest firmware. i have tried this on xp, vista, 7, ubuntu 11, bt5r1, and android. pineapple works fine except the "yes man" function doesnt work. i have set everything up so that my victim will auto connect to "home". turned on karma, unpluged my home Ap so that only the pineapple could possibly answer requests for "home" ssid. reboot the victim and then nothing....it never auto connects to the pineapple. i understand that you can check the option to "connect even if ssid isnt being broadcast" or something to that matter, however i dont see that as being an option since most people dont even know what that option does let alone actually use it. so what is going on here. i just want my pineapple to say "here i am" when a victim asks if an AP is in range to autoconnect to. only way i have been able to get anything to connect to my ap51 is to manually tell it to connect.

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Thank you all for your comments...i appreciate the help.

Morfir.....i do not see you as being rude, as i understand the frustration of being on your side of questions like these. Im just glad that you didnt just "walk" past my post and continue on. To be clear, you are correct in thinking that I dont have alot of knowledge in this area(or pentesting for that matter) and I usually assume that its user error with things like this, unfortunately i had exausted everything i could think of to try.

First off, most wifi capable devices now come with a "connect to hidden network" function or "network not on this list" type thing

This is why i originally asked if karma was useless now...meaning none of my OS's use this feature by default, i have the option to use it though. I just dont see many people needing or using this feature. However i was underthe impression that the victim would send out probe requests for a given network, such as "Kennon" and that Jasager would answer those requests.Does the saved ssid the victim is searching for always need to have "connect even if this network is not broadcasting" feature turned on? If so then this couple with what bobbyb1980 posted may be my entire problem, as all my attempts were on my ssid named "Kennon" with WPA encription and with out the "connect even if this network is not broadcasting" feature turned on. Im not sure how i could have missed this...you really wouldnt believe how long i searched and read forums and the wiki looking for a solution. only thing i really found was that windows 7 does require this feature but i also read conflicting info as well.

bobbyb1980....thank you for the help, Im a noob at this but now i kinda feel like a dumbass for not thinking of this before as it makes sense that the victim wouldnt connect to a network that didnt match security it expects.

Darren.....Thank you and i have to appolgize as well....after rereading my post early i realized that i probably should not have posted while i was tired and frustrated, It kinda made me sound a bit unappreciative with the creation of this project and the time that you and others put into this. It was not my intention. As far as my "target rich enviroment" it seems that not many of the coffee shops here have very many people that actually use the wifi. Im not sure why but the shops here (even starbucks) dont usually have very many tables(4-5). Im still looking for a decent place though, i think i may check out the mall here this weekend. Also i will try your other suggestion in a min as well however if that works im not sure why the pineapple would not have picked up on the other other open networks i have my android auto connect to....specifically my android auto connects to "D&B guest wireless" which is my works open wifi.

Anyways thank you all again....I will continue trying to get this to work tonight and post what happens. I really hope i can get this to work, i still have some metasploit problems that i was using this to take a break from for a little bit lol...oh and i have my eye on a ducky next as well.

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Ok quick update....

so i told my android to forget my home network "kennon" and added a new connection "iamgettingpwnd" as open. sure enough Karma did exactly what it is suppose to do. YAY glad i got at least that much. However i then did further testing with my works ssid. I told my android to forget all networks accept for "D&B Guest Wireless" which is open. turned off my phones wifi and then turned it back on just as i did before but, this time nothing happens. Im not sure why this would be or if its normal for karma to answer certain SSID requests. Also used my XP box and saved an open "Linksys" ssid with auto connect on and the "connect even if this network is not broadcasting" turned off. It connected just fine so that was cool. pretty sure my other neighbor even got trapped cause a random "pass through NETGEAR" on my association Log. Poor guy lol to bad i dont have this set up so he could still get netaccess through my pineapple yet. Anyways I see this as serious improvement, now just gotta figure out what is going on that my "D&B Guest Wireless" doesnt seem to connect....oh and yes i am kicking myself for having such a stupid problem, i really should have caught all this on my own.

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@darren: Which OS's are known to autoconnect, using deauthing or waiting for new victims to come in our bar?

Didn't tested any linux dist's yet but xpsp3 and later won't autoconnect to karma - when the known ap was using any sort of encryption.

If it wasn't - clients will connect automatically, up to fully patched w7 boxes...

so i'm guessing macs could be vulnerable?

would be nice to get some informations on this "issue"

cheers phk

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Windows 7 users will auto connect if they select the check box to auto connect when SSID is not broadcasting. Which could benefit you because some people think that just disabling SSID broadcast and setting up their network to connect is security enough.

Not sure on other OS but I almost want to say iOS 5.0.1 will auto connect as well.

Not sure on Linux or Macs

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Ok will try this setting with my w7 box,

but how many ppl are using this setting, maybe not so many i think...


cheers phk

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