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Motorola 68k Device For Programming


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Hey everybody, I'm taking an intro assembly language class and my professor decided to teach the Motorola 68000 assembly language. My problem with this is I like to have physical hardware to run my code on. Does anyone know where I could get a fairly inexpensive computer with a Motorola 680x0 CPU? I've done a little looking, but don't know exactly what kind of device to get. Something I could turn into a Linux box would be nice. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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68k assembly I would recommend the Atari ST or the Commodore AMIGA.

I'm sure you can find these relatively cheap.

If you have a floppy drive kicking around still, MS-DOS could read and write Atari ST disks, same format. So software should be pretty easy to come by from the internet.....

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Look more at the base models , these are alot cheaper! especially the Amiga 500... over here I'd estimate them at £10 to £15 and the last time I bought an atari 520 I paid £8 and it just so happened I had some of those old 30 pin 1MB sticks which fitted nicely into this model also as described above the disks could be written in DOS - I can't remember what I used to write these disks from images but I remember I used 1.44MB floppies and blocked the hole up as amiga's and atari's use DSDD's....

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