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Working with Plexiglass?


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Does anyone know of a good site with instructions/tips on working with plexi? I.e., cutting/drilling/bonding (I assume you can't just glue it at right angles, so what's the 'best' way to do something like that?)

All thoughts welcome. Looking for some LED/plexi mod action.

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A while back I built a plexy case for a friend and I found that simply glueing them edge to edge. ( ie: |_ ) with a plastic-orientated apoxy and then seal the inside with a clear caulk will provide the best structural support. I'm sure there are better ways but that worked well for me and my friend was very happy with the finished poduct.

This article has some useful information even if you're not looking to build a plexy glass case. http://www.tux.org/~bball/pcmods/

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