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Java Validation - Int, String, Char Needed


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I'm after validation for these bellow with an explanation to what I'm trying to attempt for each one.

 public void setPrice(int aPrice)throws DishException
     if (aPrice < 0)
         throw new DishException ("Price cannot not be a negative number");

         price = aPrice;

Only accept numbers, and cannot be empty.

    public void setType(char aType) throws DishException
     if(aType == 0)
       throw new DishException ("A dish type must be entered");

       type = aType;

Only accept one letter from the following [s,m,d or S,M,D]

  public void setName (String aName)throws DishException
    if(aName.length() == 0)
       throw new DishException ("A dish name must be entered");

       name = aName;

Only allow words no numbers or symbols

Any help would be great B)

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