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Need Help Chainloading Grub4dos From Grub2

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Hello, I am trying to use grub4dos as a sub-menu in grub2. The grub4dos menu was created as a submenu of syslinux by the YUMI installer. It works fine from the flashdrive, but I want to move it to my hdd and load it with grub2 instead of syslinux. The problem is that syslinux passes grub.exe the location of the menu.1st file, and I can't find a way to do that with gru2

this is the menue entry in syslinux that loads grub4dos

label Directly Bootable ISOs
menu label Directly Bootable ISOs ->
KERNEL /multiboot/grub.exe
APPEND --config-file=/multiboot/menu/menu.lst


Of course I found the answer right after posting this. If anyone else has wants to do this they should look here http://reboot.pro/15422/

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