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Clients No Longer Receive Internet

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Hello, before when I was using the 1.9 firmware for my MarkIII pineapple I had everything set up through windows just fine. However when I flashed my pineapple to v2.0 firmware I noticed that my clients no longer are getting internet when I have everything configured right, just like before when I was using the v1.9 firmware. Also when I ping to lets say google from the advanced tab, it just lingers on the ping page with no text whatsoever. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem and how to fix it. The same thing happens for the v2.0.1 firmware. Thanks in advance!


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Double check all your settings. IP addresses on cards and so on.

If you can SSH to your pineapple try to do some ping from that or tracert to see where the connection is broken.

I don't use a Windows machine for ICS so I would say go step by step and double check all of that setup. Maybe even delete the setup and remake it.

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