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Internet Problems


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At work I am having a strange problem. At one of our sites we have 8 floors of staff.

All users use the same dns and dhcp servers.

The internet link is presented on the 2nd floor. And I have a bluecoat running as a proxy server. Which has been great.

The internet link is fine 60 meg down 60 meg up.

Users on the 5th floor are haveing issues conncting to certain sites like facebook.

Other floors are fine.

There are 10 gb uplinks from floors to the core. And all lan has been tested.

Need to get this sorted been like this for a while.

And auggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance


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Is it an issue resolving in DNS, and can't reach the site, or is it for all sites they go to, they are having connection issues? My only thoughts are, 1, someones restricted and not aloud to access sites like facebook, 2 if they have issues with all sites timing out, then check the ethernet running to their floor and equipment isn't getting any EMI from conduits in the walls or floors, 3 how long is the cable between the initial router/switch and floor having issues. There is a maximum length for ethernet cable before you have to put in a repeater or such. and 4, check the employees who are having issues, for malware on those machines. Facebook in itself, shouldn't be something any business is allowing employees to access, just from a security standpoint, but thats up to each company to make that call for themselves.

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1) Can the users on the 5th floor, access any other website besides Facebook?

2) Is that the only problem they are experiencing at the moment, or is there any other problems besides accessing FB? Like, can they access any local resources on the network? (eg, network drives)

3) What is the error, they receive when trying to access Facebook?

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Did they try turning it off and on again? Is it plugged in? I kid, I kid.

If the network seems to be generally fine for these users and only a few sites are problematic, I would fire up a sniffer and go from there. Span a port on the switch, or whatever the cool kids do these days, and grab some packets.

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You might want to check if Bluecoat does not have any rules/restriction set, that may be preventing that floor from accessing Facebook. I know with Squid, you can block Internet sites based on IP subnetting.

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