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What Firefox Plugin or Extension can you not live without?


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Most people reading this are probably doing so through the Firefox browser. One of the best things abt the browser is it's ablity to be customized to each users preference by the use of plugins, extenstions, themes etc.

What are your favorite extensions or plugins that you think others need to know about?

My list (in no order)

1. AdBlock

2. Gfilter Updater for Adblock

3. Temporary Inbox -check this out if you hate spam

4. Mouse Gestures

5. SearchPlugin Hacks

6. del.icio.us extension

7. customizeGoogle - a must

8. Switch Proxy - great if you use Tor

9. GetVideo

10. FasterFox

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Now firefox is even kooler!

My firefox on Fedora didnt have flashplayer and it wouldnt work. I ended up using my firefox portable from windows with wine then going to pandora.com and installing missing plugins.

Now I have pandora on Linux!! Im so happy! and I did it all by myself :)

edit: so yea I cant live without flashplayer.

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RSS ticker and noscript --- must have

i have about 10 plugins

other pretty good ones are




that's why i like firefox. i can make it exactly the way that i want it. I think that if firefox was shipped the way that i use it nobody else would want it.

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