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Sys Requirements Virual Server


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Hey everybody,

I'm looking to setup a nice rig to run ESXi. Run it smoothly with 20 virtual instances max 30 instances running.

Could anybody tell we what I need of system requirements ?

I was thinking on 16 Ram, 500 - 1000gb hdd, 2 x intel quad-core processor.

I'm seeking some advise from some people with some hands on experience who could advise me.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Your current specs are bit low for supporting that many numbers of VMs. I would suggest buying a couple more of those servers and running them in a load balancing environment.

I'd also top off the RAM capacity on those servers, and install 10Gigabit Ethernet adapters in each server for best throughput performance. Furthermore, you will need very fast hard drives, to give a best possible I/O throughput. I would recommend DAS (Direct Attach Storage) over NAS (Network Attached storage) or if you have the cash invest into SSDs, they sure will deliver the performance with no doubt.

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