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Saver2 With Remote Desktop


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After exploring this forum, I was unsure whether I should post this as a reply to the existing Saver2 thread, or as a new topic under Timeshifting. Please forgive this newbie if I guessed wrong.

I have used Saver2 successfully on my WindowsXP desktop machine for some time. I recently started controlling my desktop from a laptop via wi-fi, using Windows Remote Desktop. I ran into an unexpected problem with Saver2. I launch Saver2 and the Pandora client as always. Everything appears to function fine; the songs download, and I listen to them play through the speakers attached to my desktop computer. So, for the most part, Saver2 is running as usual on my desktop, even though I am controlling from my remote laptop. However, at the end of the session, I find that my songs have NOT been saved to the target directory on my desktop hard drive. No error message was received.

Is it possible to run Saver2 in its entirety (with file saving) through Windows Remote Desktop?


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That's strange, I wonder if there are any restrictions on the use of Remote Desktop.

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I finally made more time to play with Remote Desktop, to try to figure this out. After several more hours of experimenting, I am concluding that the problem may not be Remote Desktop, but instead some other limitation of my system or its interaction with Pandora/Saver2.

I have now successfully run Saver 2 from Remote Desktop -- which is great, since I can give "thumbs down" and "tired of this song" without having to run to the room where my server is located. However, sometimes a single track fails to save (even though it is a new one), for reasons I do not yet know. (I have reviewed all my Saver 2 settings, and don't see reasons why non-duplicate tracks shouldn't save.) Then, after a while, tracks stop saving altogether. If I close Saver 2 and re-open, it starts saving again. All the while, this is in Remote Desktop.

Now I need to see if this ever happens WITHOUT Remote Desktop.

Anyone else successfully using Remote Desktop? Any glitches?


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