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Hey guys!

So, I have forwarded port 80 on my router (bad idea I know) to my VirtualBox's IP adress which runs BackTrack 5, and I would like to make my SET globally accesible. When I go to the global IP of my router, I do get the page I set up with SET, 'Java Required', and I do get the question if I want to run the Java-applet, and if I click run, I can see the process in the Task Manager, but I dont get a meterpreter in my BackTrack box... Can anyone help me with this? I know my explanation isn't that clear, but you can ask me questions about the parts you don't understand/


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Your meterpreter payload, is it reverse TCP? If so then you need to forward one more port to your bt5 machine, by default mtererpreter use's port 4444.

I don't see why port forwarding is a bad idea

Here is a tip for monitoring connection's works with linux or windows, on windows you may need to run cmd as administer

Netstat -np

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