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PS: Try using Mozilla MineField 3.0a1.

I liked it so much I even made a wikipedia article about it!

Its not anomous is it? Its just a a alpha version of a web browser... You are, and I truely hate to say this given my stance on the subject before, a complete fucking n00b...

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if you want have a more secure tor session make sure your browser does all its dns lookups through the proxy, otherwise it will leak info about your real ip. here is a guide for firefox, the page also has more browsers. http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRo...fc2f3e0a5b1c166

if you do this you will also have access to the hidden .onion domain. here is a link to test if you can access it: http://n4ez7vf37i2yvz5g.onion/howtos/ExitT....html#id2474002

I like Tor thus far what I would like to do is to get it to work with trillian and nott crash and posable azures but so far im happy , tho not enof people run servers blah.

oh and please dont run torrents through Tor, it rapes all the bandwidth from everyone else.

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