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Gcse It - Get Rid Of It And?


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I would just like some response off those of you who went through this joke of a qualification at High School. It really is not fit for purpose as an IT qualification - should really be called business or office skills GCSE. Anyway being an exteacher and having kids of my own going through this joke I am developing a project looking at an alternative to provide the basic skills and knowledge that are really needed in this country.

AS far as my own kids are concerned apart from basic PC skills(using a PC, installing various OS , utilities etc) I have taught them some programming, some arduino stuff and neteworking to comptia Net+ standard.

The end aim of this project is to produce a curriculum to present to and gain the backing of major IT companies in the UK and end up with a coherent and useful qualification that can be followed at high school level. There was a very interesting interview with the UK Google head man yesterday about his childs experience and personal thoughtds on this topic.

What things would you like to have seen included in your IT GCSE ? What sort of level do you think it should go to? Do you think the teachers you had would be capable of teaching a more technical qualification?

Thanks in advance for any input you guys can provide.


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Im not in the UK, so its a bit difficult to relate. But you should checkout the raspberrypi foundation. They are a UK charity that is creating a very inexpensive computer for educational purposes (and hacking/making too :) ). Perhaps you could coordinate your curriculum with the raspberry pi in mind, or offer to run a pilot project with them or something. Their website is www.raspberrypi.org

Hope it proves fruitful

lolz fruitful


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The level of IT these days that is being taught is appauling - I am a network administrator for a number of schools in the south of london and its a joke what I am seeing. Things have changed alot (very quickly) and the syllabus should do too. A programing language of some sort should definately be introduced in secondary schools and then developed in college then uni rather than introduced in college and then onto uni.

Im still young myself and was at school 8 or so years ago i think and i did a GNVQ in IT which again was a doddle...

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