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Programs Similar To Screen (linux)


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Here is my situation. I have a remote server (Ubuntu 10.04) that I do not have physical axx to. To axx the server I use ssh. For testing purposes, there are certain shells like smb and netcat that I would like to leave open (keep the session open), while after logging out of the server and having ready axx to said shells from different IP's.

Currently I use screen to achieve this, where I can log in to the server w/ssh, start a new shell, open an smb/netcat/whatever shell in the sessions, detach it and log out. Then I can log back in and reattach the screen session and use it no problem.

Screen works but it slows the shells down a lot and creates a lot of lag over the internet when axx'd via ssh.

Anyone know any other programs that could accomplish this task?

Thanks and happy new year.

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